– “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

And so began the mid-1800’s novel by Charles Dickens (of Scrooge fame) entitled A Tale of Two Cities. The same words could be used to characterize modern medical management of chronic pain through the use of opioid medication.

In general, opioid pills are highly effective at reducing pain, but that pain reduction comes with a high price in the form of serious potential side effects, one of which is dependence and abuse. The ever-increasing patient dependence on, and abuse of, opioids has created what the federal government calls an “unprecedented opioid epidemic.” ( In response, the federal government initiated a national “Opioid Initiative” to address the myriad of societal problems caused by opioid dependence and abuse.

Lifestyle is a leader in the use of bracing/orthoses and electrical stimulation devices (TENS/NMES) as opioid-sparing
pain-management modalities. Lifestyle’s knowledge and understanding of these pain management modalities extend far beyond that of the typical DME supplier. Lifestyle closely follows the latest journal research and literature on these modalities. Additionally, Lifestyle remains in close contact with leading bracing/orthotics and electrical stimulation product manufacturers regarding new and innovative offerings.

The medical management of chronic pain continues to pose a tremendous challenge to health care practitioners.
Providers and their patients agree that Lifestyle is a valued partner in the overall pain management process.